Only one upload?

Anyone else having a problem uploading more than one custom face on S3 Frontier from GWS? Seems I can only have one at a time.

It may be same case as
here: Installed GWD on Watch but cannot install more than one (they override the previous)
or here: Novice: Storing multiple designs

Thanks Peter. I’m following up on that.

Exiting and reentering the program worked. Now maybe you know why I can’t reflect calories burned? It shows it as an option but doesn’t seem to work.

I do not use this feature, since I it is only approximated by calculation of unknown formula, so I have not much experience with it.

If its problem with text, I cant guess much. Maybe if you described it more.

If it is the analogue watch hand synced to calories, then its known bug, that the preview has 1000 times lower threshold than the actual watch.

No, its Note. I’m not a fan of dials and such. I like a number. Oh well! Thanks anyway!