Debug on real phone device or Device Manager doesn't see connected Samsung phone

Hello there.
I have Galaxy Watch and Samsung Note 9.
Galaxy Watch is configured and working properly, Device Manager see it, I can to get DUID and issue certificate for them.

But I need to issue certificate for phone too, because I want to debug mobile application for real device. Certificate dialog asking me about DUID for that device. How I can to get it?

sdb devices outputs:

List of devices attached
28896e01943f7ece device SM-N960F

Tizen Studio see my device, I can choose it from dropdown but app doesn’t work (because Application Signing Error).

Device Manager doesn’t see my connected phone. Tried to reenable USB debugging, restarts, drivers reinstallation. Nothing helps.

How I can to run project on real phone device?

Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand you question
You can’t run a Tizen Studio app on a mobile phone it is Android OS package so there is no way for Tizen Studio to connect to the Mobile.
I think you are looking for a companion app (one that runs on watch or mobile and works with the other device) there are examples of this for each platform .net C/C++ and Web on THIS PAGE

If I misunderstand your question pleas re word it.

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Hi @r.liechty_SDP, thanks for reply.

Sorry, English is not my native language.

I want to debug webapp on my real phone device. I can’t run it on device because my certificate doesn’t contain DUID of my phone (I assume). I can’t see it because my phone is not visible in Device Manager.

Samsung Note runs under AndroidOS. You have to install Android Studio IDE and there develop an app and create certificate for it and then launch on the phone. Use Tizen Studio to develop only app for your watch. Of course you can use an author certificate both for phone and watch but it is not necessary.

If you want to use some services from a phone you have to pair the phone and watch by Samsung Wearable app. You do it usually for new watch.

Please be more specific what you exactly want to do. It helps to give you more detailed answer. Regards.

you can use an author certificate both for phone

How I can issue certificate for phone? I don’t know phone DUID

Please be more specific what you exactly want to do.

I want run Tizen app on my phone. From Tizen studio. Not Android


The Tizen Mobile apps are for Tizen OS Phones. I think mostly those are used for schools for teaching purposes. Once I heard there was one being sold in Russia but I never was able to confirm that.

In any case the Tizen Studio created mobile apps not run on an Android Phone.

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Ah damn. Wasnt ready for this. Ok, it is make sense. Thank you.