Can't run on Watch...Another one

My watch has debugging on.
My phone has debugging on.
My phone has the APK installed and running

My watch is connected to the phone via BT. The phone is connected to the computer via USB, with USB transfer on and Debugging on.

When i scan for devices i can see a device. When i click this device from the list nothing happens. I have restarted both my phone, computer and watch.

What have i missed?

If this is Galaxy Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 they won’t connect with SDBoverBT. You need to connect to those devices with WiFi. Also in the Watch Connection be WiFi is always on and not Auto although you can ping it it won’t allow a connection.

Once you connect you need to generate Author and Distributor Certificates. If you were able to do that then the issue is not accepting the RSA Encryption Key.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have my watch connected to the same network as my laptop. I know the IP address from the router. When scanning for the IP GWS returns “No device found”

I do have a Watch3 and the Wifi is set to Always on. I also have the watch face to “Always On”.

I have restarted my watch and then tried to reconnect.

Anything else I can try?

Make sure your ethernet is unplugged and your computer is connected by Wifi.
Double check your IP address is correct, in the Phone Settings, connections and debugging is on.
Enter your IP address manually in GWS using the + icon. For some reason they have GWS to start scanning at 10.63.* not 10.0.* so GWS doesn’t find the lower numbered IP addresses.

Assuming you already did that and it still didn’t find it, The problem may be you didn’t accept the RSA Encryption Key, if you don’t accepted it in a few seconds it will assume it is a hack and not show again. But usually this only happens when installing not for generating a distributor certificate.

In the C:\users\USERNAME\ folder is a hidden folder .tizen
rename or move the sdb and from that folder
restart your computer
restart your watch
wait one full minute after the watch and computer both are running
Make sure Debugging is turned on.
put your watch and a preinstalled watch face

An RSA Encryption Key acceptance should pop up a few seconds after you initiate the search and it needs to be accepted in 15 seconds max.

Samsung Developer Relations