Device Manager 3.6 cannot connect to my new Galaxy Watch

Hi Fellow Tizeneers,
I’ve just received my new Galaxy Watch, and I followed the instructions on Tizen Tidbits #8 - How to Deploy your Tizen App on a Device.

I restarted my watch several times. As you see on the screenshot my watch is visible on the network, ping works fine. Still the device manager cannot connect to my watch, unfortunately.
This is a real watch, not an emulator. Emulator works great.
Your help would be highly appreciated,
Thank you, Miklos

… bang, it works now. The solution was to RESTART WINDOWS, too, and restart the watch third time. This time the watch really opened the RSA confirmation screen.

I keep this post here to give hope to anyone facing the same issue, that eventually it should work.
The Tizen Tidbit video should be updated with this terribly important information:

  • restart Galaxy Watch
  • restart Windows
  • and expect the RSA confirmation screen.
    Take care and all the bets, Miklos

Thanks Miklos,

yes the RSA Encryption Key is sort of a weird case because if you don’t OK it in a short period it thinks it is a hack and doesn’t show again unless you force it.

For others, you can force it to show again if you hold down the home key until it says reboot. That will force it to show again.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thank you Ron, just to make sure that the process is redoable, I reset my watch again, and repeated the entire process.
Enabling RSA for Debugging on Galaxy Watch with Tizen Studio
Hmm, what can I say, why the hell Samsung Galaxy Watch is not asking for RSA confirmation right after debugging is enabled on the watch? This process as it is now is a real pain and total frustration, honestly.

Hi Milos,

This is required for GDPR and other privacy regulations.

You can’t acknowledge an encryption key until it is sent to you so it can’t be turned on with Developer Options or When debugging is started.


Yeah, you are totally right, but I haven’t experienced such a pain with Android and Apple watches. They have different sources of pains but none of the RSA confirmation fight.