Detect when Bluetooth LE discovery stops

I’m running a Bluetooth LE scan using bt_adapter_le_start_scan(). This is working fine on Tizen devices but on the devices at some point the scanning just stops working. The stopping correlates with the following log entry in the system log:

01-11 10:12:36.411+0100 I/BLUETOOTH_OAL(P 2804, T 2804): oal-adapter-mgr.c: cb_adapter_properties(1062) > LE Discovery stopped

Is there a way to detect this condition using a callback? For advertising there is a bt_adapter_le_advertising_state_changed_cb callback. Is there a similar callback for when the scanning state is changing?

Additional info: There was a mobile_only function bt_adapter_le_set_device_discovery_state_changed_cb() that has been deprecated since Tizen 2.3.1. Unfortunately I’m not able to find out why it was deprecated and what the recommended alternative is.

This issue should be checked with dumpstate log to find out the reason why the LE scan stops working sometimes. You can create an issue in Samsung developer support officially with the below information.

  1. Reproduction route with sample app
  2. Dumpstate log

To collect Dumpstate log, please follow below steps:

*#9900# > Debug Mode Setting > On > Reboot
Immediately after the issue reproduction, Open Settings>About Device.
Scroll down to Serial Number and tap on it five times until the number pad appears
Enter *#9900# and Select Run LOG_DUMP. Log location will appear on a popup.
Share the full log file in a zip.

Hopefully, you will get a solution.