Is there a way to get BLE device object without startScan() function?

(I used a translator because English is not my first language. I ask for your understanding. )

Hello! I’m a student who is developing a Tizen web application that communicates with Bluetooth device.

I’m using a Samsung Active 2 (Tizen Wearable 5.5).

I have a problem using Tizen Bluetooth api.

I want to connect with the BLE device on page A, and leave the page A, and disconnect with BLE device on page B.

However, in order to disconnect, I must obtain a “device” object with adapter.startScan() function and do device.disconnect(). Because the device object disappears as I leave the page A.

The problem arises here: devices already connected cannot be scanned. Therefore, neither device objects can be obtained nor disconnect can be done.

What should I do? Is there a way to get device objects without scanning?

Note: My bluetooth device is BLE, so I have to use tizen.bluetooth.getLEAdapter(), not a tizen.bluetooth.getDefaultAdapter().

You can use isConnected() method of Bluetooth API to check if the BLE device is still connected in the Page B.

Check out this link for further details: