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Hi, I can not find develop mode option on my samsung smart tv from 2014 model UE 55 H8005 SQXXE.
Thanks in advance.

Pre-2015 Smart TVs are “Legacy Platforms” and do not operate the same as the new Smart TV Platform.

See this page and scroll down to see how to Configure TV.

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Hello Ron,
Many thanks for your reply, I read the instructions about TV configuration, still not able to create develop account, the ID not accepting develop, it must be an e-mail, my tv software version is: T-GFPDEUC-1410.0, BT-S/G.
Best regards.

The first link was for 2011 model the 2014 model configuration is this link but I’m not sure if there is any difference.

Remember once you set the IP address you have to reboot the TV not just restart it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Keep in mind that you can’t release your app on 2014 models anymore. Samsung TV have an End of live. So you can only release on TV models newer than 2017

Need to know more about your issues. The two big issues for Smart TV Developers running on device, is they don’t have a Samsung Developer Certificate or they forgot to reboot after starting Developer Options so it doesn’t “stick”.


Spam post Ron, with link hidden under the period… :frowning:

I am finding that their trick is to post then come back later after it is approved and edit the original.

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