Digital Dashbord for Watch 4 Classic

Just went from the Watch3 Titanium to the the Watch4 Classic, I’m a little disappointed in the digital dashboard. Can Samsung please bring over the Digital Dashboard from the Watch3 to the Watch4, I feel like it was much more informative and made more sense.

Why would they take out the seconds counter?

Also having the temp readings was really helpful with the weather.

Why would they have the battery level indicator go upwards instead of downwards for power consumption?

Why have UV low on top and high on bottom?

They made everything the complete opposite of how it should and was.

At least they got the heart rate correct… I suppose.

Watch3 Digital Dashboard:

Watch4 Digital Dashboard:

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With Wear OS powered by Samsung they changed how complication are added. It is now more customer centric customizations but it comes with a more standard look for complications. Open the wearable App and select the customize options and you will see many options for the various complications maybe you can find one you like. Or swap the complication from top to bottom or left to right to get it to appear the way you like.

Samsung Developer Relations.

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Thanks Ron, the biggest thing that got taken away though is the seconds, I have no idea why they would removed that. Is there a way to get that back?

Wow I never noticed but almost every one of the preinstalled watch digital watch faces do not have the seconds (At least on GW5) the Basic Dashboard has it
@amoledwatchfaces AWF Fit Dashboard seems top have what you like too but I’m not sure if it has it the way you want.

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@r.liechty_SDP @trujimms
Complications Suite app has it’s own seconds complications so you can add seconds info to any watch face with some free custom complication spot :slight_smile:

Complications Suite - Wear OS - Apps on Google Play

This was a user looking for a replacement watch face for digital dashboard that had seconds in the time. You can’t modify the Time in the preinstalled Digital Dashboard.


Hi Ron, yes, but you can add seconds as a complication :slight_smile: (problem partially solved)

I can’t find the “seconds complications” in the options for complications for the Digital Dashboard on the watch4. Please advise.

The Complications that amoledwatchfaces was talking about was more for developers. I can’t find any of the preinstalled watch faces available.
Download Watch Face Studio and I bet in a few hours a day and asking questions here you can create your own Digital Dashboard (except for the weather forecasts) I’d be happy to help you.

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