Tipps for Retro Watchface for Galaxy W4

Hello to all Watchface friends.

I recreated the Casio LED10 as my watchface. Everything works so far. But still needs some fine-tuning. Retro friends will recognize the watch and know that it was a classic. :slight_smile:

Would like to put the HR heart rate measurement at the bottom of the LED indicator. When I touch the LED, the screen should open and show me the live pulse for 15 seconds, for example. After the watch goes into standby, it can transfer the value in Health. Could switch off the 10min automatic in Health and only measure the pulse manually.

In the date display at the top left, I have stored the calendar. That’s correct so far, but it always opens as a scheduler and I have to switch to the monthly calendar table manually. Can you set that with TAGs or App ID that the calendar is displayed as a monthly table?

Is it possible to optimize the watch face’s battery so that, for example, the milliseconds in standby (display off) do not continue to run and use the battery? The same for the semicircle on the right for the minutes. Or is the display off, is the animation off and does not load the battery?

The AOD doesn’t work at all. It’s the same face, only everything is hidden, all effects are in light gray except for the time. When I enable AOD in the watch, the watch stays black screen, so AOD doesn’t work. But that’s not so important, because I don’t use AOD with the LED10. Just for later, in case I need AOD in a WF.

Ok i hope can understand my english. Is translatet with google Translator. I am german user and have the Galaxy Watch4 with LTE and newest Updates.

Regards Matthias


WFS provides four different tags for month in a year. [MON] , [MON_Z], [MON_F], [MON_S]. Did you check these?