Recreating "Digital Dashboard" watch face

Hello, I would like to recreate the “Digital Dashboard” watch face, but with only text weather. e.g. instead of having icon for weather it should just say “67F Sunny”
Please help

Wear OS Complications are provided by the App and can not be altered by the Watch Designer.
The Weather complication you see is Detailed Weather you can have it just the temp as an option but there is no current weather conditions complications.

You would have to create a Weather app using or similar Weather API and a complication for that.

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Ok, I think I understand what you’re saying- There is no way to modify built-in complications b/c those are black boxes. And the only way to do what I want is by creating a custom (weather) app and making a complication for that. Is this correct?

Follow-up question: Are there any tutorials on how to recreate this (Digital Dashboard) watch face? I would like to have two 1/2 progress bars instead of 4 progress bars along the edge.

I don’t know of any tutorials or blogs for this.
Create a progress bar center it and make it 440 wide and high.
Set the value to ([BATT_PER]/4)
Change the background Opacity to zero
Add some curved text for the battery percent
add an icon image

You can also do images and hide and reveal using tags that is probably the best and can give you the dashes and so on.

Play with it for creating a dot on a background for heart rate

The best way to learn is to play with it.

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Ok, I understand how to make progress bars into semi circles now. Thanks

Follow-up: Do I have to create a custom calendar app to format the text like in “Digital Dashboard”? When I go into customize, it seems to be using the basic calendar app. I tried playing around with it in WFS, but it does not give me Calendar event name at top and time at bottom. I tried for both Long text complication and short text complication. What am I missing?

It is available in both and called “next event” for WFS. It shows the calendar Icon until you load it on your watch in which case it shows the next event in the calendar. I think it is just the next event time for short text and time and event for long text.

The complication on the watch is the basic group and it is Calendar there.

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Ok, I tried again, and here are the results for using short text and long text.
The time and name of calendar event are all in 1 line when using “Long Text Complication”. I would like to split them and have the time show up on the bottom, like in the “Digital Dashboard” watch face. How do?

Unfortunately, it is impossible.
In the Wear OS architecture, the watch face cannot manage the data which is received through the complication in detail. Since the one line text including time and name of calendar event was encapsulated from the calendar application, watch face cannot split it to time and name again.
The preloaded watch face seems to have been implemented in Samsung’s own way, not the public interface of Wear OS.

Well that sucks.
Is there a workaround?

I’m trying to do something similar, and having similar issues. I’m finding it very frustrating that the “Next Event”, “Weather”, and “Detailed Weather” complications don’t show up for us in a WFS-made face the same way they do in the Samsung pre-installed watch faces. I really like the way those complications display in Digital Dashboard, but I’m completely unable to make them appear how I want in my own watch face, no matter how I configure the long text or short text complication.

There is always a hack of some sort.
This has to be set as an un-editable complication, end user can’t change it.
Create two complications and have one below the other set opacity for Icon and Title for one to zero. One one put a mask over the text so only the time shows. on the put a mask over it so the time does not show.

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Create two complications and have one below the other set opacity for Icon and Title for one to zero. One one put a mask over the text so only the time shows. on the put a mask over it so the time does not show.

Un-editable complication is OK, but the proposed solution would not work because:

  • I will only get start time of event (I want start + end times)
  • If I center the complication (like in Digital Dashboard), the mask will not cover the different text lengths

Followup questions:
Are there any other ways to accomplish this using WFS?
Will this work if I create my own calendar application?
Will Samsung update the calendar API so it separates the Title + date?