Displayed text elements move and change size on build


I wonder if anyone has experience this with WFS 1.2.5…

I have a watch face which displays correctly on opening and editing the file, but as soon as I press ‘build’ and WFS starts its “Analysing” process, text elements displayed on the face all shrink and move position on the face.

It seems to be a problem with how fields are displayed in the edit window as the text fields still look fine in the run window and the watchface runs fine on the actual device.

Detailed procedure…
Open WFS and select the last project edited
Maximise the WFS window so it fills the screen
Press the ‘fit in window’ button at the bottom right of the WFS window so the watch face fills the edit area
Press ‘build’

If I close and reopen WFS, the face is displayed normally again, but it’s incredibly annoying.

Interestingly, I’ve found that after this happens, if I press the Unmaximise button so that the WFS window does not fill the screen and then maximise the window again, the text fields are again displayed correctly and then it continues to work fine for the rest of the session.

I attach a shot of the watch face after opening and then on pressing ‘build’.

Bug, do you think?


I’ve seen similar, think it happened with 1.2.4 too. I usually just resize the window and it fixes it, if not closing and reopening the project does the trick. The workaround is easy and it only seems to happen sporadically, but I agree it’s definitely a bug.

I wonder if this has to do with the number of complications… Do you know if it happens with fewer complications. I can report it if that is the case

Seems like it may be a caching issue.


For the two watch faces I’ve had it occur on, one has no complications, and the other has only 1.

Thanks Ben, I’ll try to watch my personal designs and see if I can notice that happening too.

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