Watch face in preview does not look the same as on watch

Pictures should explain well. I made a face, looks fine in WFS and in the preview but on my actual watch it’s totally wrong. Long hold on the face on the watch shows it properly, not sure why it won’t render right.

The Run preview is not WSIWIG? But it should not be off as far as what you show.

The image used in the Wearable App and the Long Press to change faces is the image from the Run Window and that is why it looks correct there.

What fonts are you using? This is often a custom fonts issue but I’ve seen reports of it with WFS installed fonts too.

Samsung Developer Relations

Stock fonts, nothing changed. I’m using the ‘short text’ complication, changed the time and date layouts to text only and the battery layout to text and icon. Seems that on the watch they’re reverting to default layouts and forgetting any other changes I made (ie. font size).

I’ll play with this myself and see if I can duplicate it. Not all complications include all the optional features.

If this was an old app updated it may be that the latest update that changed fonts in WFS do not match perfectly. But, even then this does seem dramatic on your layout.

This is a long weekend in the US so it will probably be Tuesday before I have a good response.


Cheers Ron, I’ll keep my ear out for your reply

I had a slight alignment issue they weren’t left justified but I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to size the boxes to text size so that was expected.

I used the Monserrat-Regular and Fredoka-Light fonts and they seem to have been used in the Watch Face

Did you make the Short Text complications Fixed? and did you remove the other layout options ? I don’t know it that affected it but that is what I did.

I’ll be back Tuesday if you can’t sort it out let me know and I can work on it more. If this is an issue we want to try and fix it before the next release.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hey, that is awesome. I removed the additional layouts and set them to fixed and it seems to be working now. The time is acting a bit odd (showing “10:33am” vs just the time “10:33”) but otherwise seems to be good now.