BUG 1.0.12 FONT not on same location as in WFS

I noticed that the location of images are not on the samen place as in WFS

See atteched images
Image 1 is WFS
Image 2 is Watch


This is due to various characters (glyphs) width, not because of WFS. Location of images is good, you can test it by placing some rectangle object here.

I used a square with exactly thedimensions of the font. As you can see the square is also moving to the left of the font.

image 1 is on WFS
Imgae 2 is on the watch


@GJL, check if it’s not a font shift problem? The graphics can be in the right place and the fonts are moved, hence the effect.
Both Watch Face Studio and Galaxy Watch Studio have a problem with the correct placement of fonts. This problem has been around for a long time and has not been fixed to date. I mean fonts added by the creator, there are no problems with those from the application, but those from an external source are already causing problems.
In the project in WFS everything looks fine, and when you run the watch face on the real watch, it turns out that the fonts are shifted by a few - a dozen pixels in relation to the project.

Use your watch & not watch preview window. Also if there is 1-2 px shifting, its mainly due to .ttf font used. Maybe try creating bitmap font with fixed width.

In the old version 1.0.3 the images stay on the same place in WFS and the watch.
Since version 1.0.11 and 12 there are changes.
When i use normal font they also the images are 4 pixels to the left.

The same for me. I’m switching back to 1.0.3 version.

It was not the images what is moving it is the font that moves 4 pixels to the right. All the fonts do that.
See the green text font with zero not centered on the image and the grey square at the back of the time font.
The BUG is that the all the fonts are moving 4 pixels to the right.

Image 1 is on the WFS and image 2 is on the watch


Can confirm, you were right. There is small (maybe 2-4px) shift for .ttf fonts, only when centered. It also looks to me that not the whole text is shifted. First character is less off than second one (maybe text spacing is problematic).

Can you submit bug report ?

Bitmaps do work fine tho.

1. Bitmap font centered


2. .ttf font centered


Hi guys,
The issue that a position of some font is wrong on the device will be solved in next release.
Thank you for the report, and sorry about the inconvenience.