Do not show AOD when covered

Is it possible to hide the always on display when the watch is completely covered?

It would be great to optimize battery life by completely blacking out the display when the watch is, for example, hiding under a shirt or coat sleeve even when AOD is enabled and then instantly turn it back on once the watch detects ambient light once again. This would probably need to be configured so the “auto-hide AOD in complete darkness” feature could be enabled/disabled by user preference for the vampire crowd and whatnot. (o;

I realize this may be more of a watch capability than a Watch Face Studio question, so I’m happy to move this to another category (if I am allowed to do so).

This would need to be discussed in a Wear OS development discussion there is a group on Reddit Wear OS discussions.

Sometimes the Wear OS engineers see this discussion so I’ll let it ride here.

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