AOD: Watch dims normal face rather than display AOD face


I’m making my first watch face. I have a coloured large ring that displays the battery. I made 2 rings and have one visible normally and one visible on AOD. The AOD one is hidden normally and the normal one is hidden in AOD. I have 2 complications that are set to be hidden in AOD.

I have saved and built the project. I have transferred the watch face to the watch with the “Run on Device” button successfully.

The watch never goes into AOD. It just dims the screen slightly, leaving the 2 complications and the battery circle as they are set in normal.


  • Dale

Check your watch settings → Battery to see if you have Battery Power Savings ON
That disables AOD
it has a bright display for 10 or 15 seconds and then a dimmer display that lasts for a bit longer before it goes black.

It sounds like that is what you are seeing.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron

Thanks for responding. I took a look and power saving isn’t on. Also, I switched to a default Samsung watch face and the AOD works there. Switched back to the one I made and it still does the same thing.