Double tap to change images

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Is there a way to change images with double tap?

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Supposedly double tap was omited due some incompatible devices

I did some non official internet checking on this and it appears that FIT watches use double tap to close the watch face in the same way Galaxy Watch use palm cover to close a watch face. My understanding is that the Google FIT will use WearOS 3. So that may explain why.

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I’m messing around with the software a bit.
With the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter software, images can be changed with a double tap.
I do not understand why with Watch face Studio it is not possible to double tap to change the image.
I have converted a design of mine with Galaxy Watch Studio Converter and it lets me change the images with a double tap.

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My guess is it may just be reading a single tap but if it converted a double tap that is OK. WFS doesn’t have any option for double Tap. I’d be curious if you got the same result doing a single tap on your watch4.

The WearOS does allow double tapping for Gestures see the Android Docs so it is possible it works.

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Hi Rom,

I tell you about my tests.
I convert a GWD layout with Galaxy Watch Studio Converter.
The images are changed with double tap.
A simple tap does not change the image.
The step data and heart rate reading are correct.
Custom access does not work.
The images are 360 x 360px and look good when converted.
Watch Face Studio has more bugs.

Thanks Sergio,

There is a double tap event so that is good to know.

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Yes, Galaxy Watch Studio Converter allows converted watch faces to change image by double tap.
There are several reasons for this.

  1. It was made for supporting watch faces for Tizen device as much as possible.
  2. The image change by double tap was the only way for the GWS watch face to support the user to change it’s style.
  3. The output of the GWS Converter is limited to operate correctly only on Samsung Watch Devices.

On the other hand, the Watch Face Studio supports all devices for Wear OS 2 and provides a better way for users to change styles. (How can I allow my users to customize their watch face?)

Thank you.

Actually no. Double tap was not the only way. The images could change even on single tap, but many users complained the change was too easy to trigger unintentionally, so better option was to assign it to the double tap.
The point is, there is no limitation on the watch or wear OS side, the limitation is now on WFS side for some questionable reason.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but somehow I got the impression the WFS should support wear OS3 not 2.

Hello @Peter

You are correct. Thank you for pointing out. My point is that the Converter supported it as much as possible because it was a common user customization method in GWS era.

To be honest, the Wear OS(both 2 and 3) doesn’t preserve the double tap gesture for watch face (it is different to Tizen), so it doesn’t provide that gesture to the watch face application.
Instead, WFS provides the better style editing method and better user experience, so it is recommended to use new method in WFS.

Thank you!

Hello @sinjae
now there is a question, if the wear OS does not directly support the double tap, but watch faces from converter still work like that on it, why WFS cant provide same function?

The answer to the question is hidden my previous comment:

In Samsung device, we can guarantee that the double tap does not conflict with other gestures, but it is not possible for the entire Wear OS devices.
The Converter is the temporarily useful tool that moves watch faces for Tizen to new platform. It is recommended to use WFS in the long term.

I welcome new platforms, when they are progress, not trade off, or even step back.

I personally don’t think it is a step back and is more inline with how the factory watch faces are customized. It will be a better user experience now than it was before.

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