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Sweep motion on second hand will not work smoothly on watch 4.
And when the second hand turns around and starts again, it sometimes pops.

Please check this part as well.

The complication is not working on Watch 4.
I applied the sunrise sunset time, but it doesn’t actually work. Please check.

Why not start dedicated feature request forum branch for the WFS?
I suggest same, what I suggested for GWD. User defined tags.
Then bring back features long available in GWD, like double tap and app-switcher.

I found another “bug”:

If i turn an image (loaded as a seconds hand) to sweep mode i cant change rotation speed. in some of my watchfaces with animation i used rotation speed 2x up to 6 times faster than 1. all these animations now look crappy because they need a lot more rotation speed to look realistic.

In WFS the option to change rotation speed is greyed out as soon as i change rotation mode to sweep. :frowning: WHY???

Thanks I have added this to a list I plan on submitting every week for feature requests. In the past the first updates have been bug fixes so don’t expect new items until bugs are resolved.

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Double tap came up in Beta testing and the issue is that double tap is not implemented for all Android smart watches. The way the app switcher worked was to use double tap to set the app to open with a single tap. However this and other Tizen OS items is a long term goal.

I’ll start a new topic for Feature Requests.

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Can you explain more? The only way to set sunset and sunrise that I know of is with the Weather Complication and there is no Weather tags for Wear OS. Am I missing something?

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Sorry Ron, I do not understand this. On one side we are told the Galaxy Watch 4 is the first and only device for which the WFS can provide faces, on other side we are told the WFS has to limit its features because of some inferior devices. Whose tool is this WFS actually? I thought it was for new devices with wear OS3 and not compatible backwards.

Hi Peter,

GW4 and GW4 Classic are the first watch faces but will not be the only watch that will use the Unified Wear OS. I believe Google has announced that Google FIT watches will use the OS sometime this fall. And according to the rumor mills there are older Smart Watches that will upgrade to newer Android versions early next year.

Watch Face Studio in case you didn’t notice can create both round and rectangular watch faces.

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Hi Ron,

sorry if I approach this topic.

In addition to these news, do you know if Google plans to improve the editorial part of the watch faces on the Play Store? Currently the watch faces section is practically empty.


I do not want to sound mean, but it still does not explain the state of things.
If they get updated, they can support double tap, if the OS can support it in first place. The round or square does not have anything to do with it. GWD (or actually Tizen) supported it even before Samsung decided to cease the support for own square devices in GWS.

Upload images to help you understand.

  1. Select ‘Short text’ in the application.
  2. Complication settings > Default provide > Sunrise sunset
  3. It should look like a test screen. But it’s not on Watch 4.

Hi Peter,

You are not mean. I was pointing out that WFS is for all Android Watch Makers not just Samsung. I do have double tap for feature request.

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Hi Ron,
thanks for patience. I just have feeling that with this approach the WFS will be resorted to just the sole basics, that the most lame watch, which one day eventually runs wear OS 3, can offer, no matter what development Samsung and others put in their watches.

I’ll ask the team how they do that without weather complications. Looks like an idea that was never implemented.


Hello Ron,

I found a problem when using nested conditions in tags expression

Here is the simplified sample :

It should be showing 0 when 0-9 seconds, 1 when 10-19, and 2 when 20-59

Working fine on the preview but always resulting 0 in the real watch.

Also tested nested condition without tags, and it is doing right on the watch and simulator
example: (30<10?0:((30<20)?1:2)) → the result is 2

So the conclusion is the tag expression showing the wrong result in the nested conditions that involve a tag (so far tested with [SEC] and [MIN]).

Hope this bug will be fixed in the next release.

Warm regards,
USA Design

I think your bracketing is wrong try this
( ( [SEC]<10 )? 0 :frowning: ([SEC]<20) )? 1 :2 )

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Is there somewhere that shows the formatting of tag expressions and examples please ?

I have noticed that bracketing is more important on Watch4 than in the preview window.

The Unified WearOS Tag Documentation is HERE

but the way Ternary operators work is better explained HERE But the tags are different for Tizen than Android.

hope this helps
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I think 12/24 hour format sync not working.