Doubt related to custom watch face on Galaxy Watch 5

The developer of Pujie Black helped me to create a custom watch face with my dear English Bulldog that died, in order to use it on my Galaxy Watch 5.

Everything works flawlessly: hour, date, watch battery level, steps count (including distance), tap icon for recent apps and for settings.

When i long press on the watch, i can assign 2 complications: battery and steps with the ones from the watch, but for the weather and location to be updated on the watch, i have to open the Pujie Black on my S23 Ultra.

Is it possible to make it change according to my current location without having to always open the Pujie Black app?

I installed Samsung Watch Face Studio beta (for Windows) to try to replicate the watch face i have but, honestly, i “seem like a donkey looking to a palace” (portuguese, from Portugal, expression that means that i don’t understand nothing :laughing:)

If it is possible to be updated automatically “re-doing” the watch face on Samsung own software, can someone help me with that (read: doing that for me. Remember the donkey :laughing:?


(I’ve hidden my location, but that’s not because I suspect anyone here; it’s just something I got used to doing)


Not with Watch Face Studio. Location is determined by the Weather and WFS does not access that information.

By the way WFS 1.4.13 is beta software and may not be the right tool for you to use.

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Hum, since it’s a tool from Samsung and my smartwatch is precisely a Samsung (WearOS), i thought it was possible. If not, i’ll continue using Pujie Black because there’s no other reason to try (since i’m pretty noob at this) to replicate the watch face on Watch Face Studio.

Thanks anyway.

I misunderstood and answered a question you didn’t ask. let me try again.

but for the weather and location to be updated on the watch, i have to open the Pujie Black on my S23 Ultra.

Pujie Black is a watch face design system that gets its information on the mobile and sends that to the watch.

You can create something similar with Watch Face Studio, the weather and location is a Long Text complication and that is a 3rd party watch app that shows in the Watch Face. You set most of the complications on your watch (or Wear OS app Watch Faces → customize

We can help you set up almost everything else, but the weather complication shows location, temp and an icon for sun or clouds. There are other Weather apps and one of them may have the look that you want. The standard weather app is the only one I have installed.

Hope this helps.

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They do

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Sorry but only now i saw your reply.

Yes, and probably is because of that that the weather and location info only updates when i open the app (+/- because it seems that the weather, at least sometimes, is updated but the location doesn’t).

Regarding the complications, the watch only let’s me customize the right and left bar; everything else has to be with the Pujie Black app.

Regarding to the standard weather app, it doesn’t show the location where i am, but only the weather, right?


The standard Weather App shows the weather location (actually the reporting station’s location) the temperature and an icon showing sunlight clouds etc.

You should ensure that the space for the complication is large enough or fonts small enough to show all.
For watch face studio when you select a complication there are various layouts select the one you wish for a default and if it is available that is the first choice for layout.

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