Error Playing DASH Content

I have a problem playing encrypted .mpd content using AVPlay on 2020 TV. The log keeps returning PLAYER_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED_FORMAT. I used Verimatrix DRM at first. I thought it was a compatibility issue so I tried using other DRM but returned with same error. Playing unencrypted content, however, was succesful. Does anyone have ideas what could be causing this error? Please help

#avplay #verimatrix #mpd #dash #playererror

Below are the observations while playing DRM content on AVPlayer.

1.While playing DRM content using widevine Modular, we are getting Unsupported format error.

  1. We have also tried using Playready. In case of playready we are getting error
    Failed to generate Widevine license, WvPLStatus: code = SIGNED_MESSAGE_PARSE_ERROR, message = Errors::SIGNED_MESSAGE_PARSE_ERROR: "
    Please help with the error.