Dual monitor setup error whit GWS

Hi all!
I use GWS 2.0.0. Beta on my laptop (W10 x64 Pro) with an external 27" FHD monitor,and i can’t drag the application to the the ext. monitor. But i can drag all my other applications ,but not this one. Any suggestions?

Go to your settings on your laptop , then to display , over there it should give you the option to choose either or both the displays

I use my setup so ,that my 1st monitor (laptop) is extended to the 2nd FHD monitor. Every other application is working fine,i can pull it over to the 2nd monitor,just GWS is not working. I even used the “4k” reg file. Could be the problem that the 2 monitors have different resolutions?

More than likely it is the resolution issue, the PC does not understand what resolution to show on what monitor.

In my case my laptop is connected to a UHD when specified to the TV it works UHD RES. but when sharing it with the laptop it does not.