DUNS questions

Hey, I’m very confused about this DUNS thing.

1 - What it is?
2 - How do I get one?

I currently have on Galaxy Store 3 kinds of paid apps:

  • a couple of Tizen watch apps;
  • one regular android app;
  • one tizen watch app that has a phone companion, but the phone companion is on Playstore

3 - If I dont submit this DUNS will there remove all my apps? My account? Or just the android app?
4 - If I remove my android app, and the app that has a phone app companion, do I still have to keep my account or not?

Hello Dect,

DUNS means Data Universal Numbering System, which is a unique 9-digit number provided and managed by Dun & Bradstreet. It is used as a standard business identification code worldwide, and is used by the United Nations (UN), ISO public organizations, government agencies, and various global companies.

If you are a Themes, Icons, or Watch Face seller you do not need a DUNS number since those are closed ecosystems already. If you are an Android developer, you will need to get a DUNS number and submit that to the Seller Portal for your Business Registration information.|

Click DUNS to get one by providing your information there. It may be take up to 5 day working days.

If don’t submit DUNS your Account will not be remove, and also all Apps will not be remove, but for android app you have to submit DUNS to continue.
You can check notice via this link to know more about DUNS related information. Notice

If you request a status change to Commercial Seller by using a D-U-N-S® (Data Universal Numbering System) number, you can simplify the application processes and document submissions and shorten the time required for review. For details on DUNS, please refer to Request Commercial Seller Status Using DUNS.

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