Edit Watch face

Hello there! I’m new here.

I would like to know if it’s possible to edit a face watch that I downloaded from the Galaxy Store.
I really like one, but I want to add things. This will be for my personal use, without the intention to sell it.

Besides, I will help me as a practice to creat my owns later.

If it’s possible? Where do I found the watch face in my phone?

Well, that’s all.

See you later and thanks for reading!

Hello, I think you will not find it as an editable file. Its either hidden or encrypted.
Only for practice purpose you could maybe make a screenshot of the watch face and use it as background reference, when making your own.

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Thank you so much for your answer!
I will do what you say.

Search the internet for “GWD” and you will find a lot of faces you can use as templates. I see so many faces in the store where people just copy the assets from the free GWD files with different backgrounds. Remember, GWD files are just compressed files, so you can open them and export the assets from them :slight_smile: