Recover watch face files and images


For the last 3 months, I’ve been designing a watch face. Now, it’s fully finished and working fine in my Galaxy Watch, but it isn’t uploaded to de Galaxy Store (yet).

I had planned to upload it in the upcoming weeks while I was designing the “product detail images”, but my PCs internal hard disk drive (where I had saved all the watch face images, icons, progress bars, and the .gwd file), I don’t know why, but is dead and the files and information in it cannot be recovered, so I’ve lost the entire watch face.

I was wondering if, as the watch face is installed on my Galaxy Watch, there’s any way to send it to the phone (at least the images, icons and progress bars), in other to do the watch face again without having to design ALL the images again (almost 3 months perfecting it).

Thank you so much for you help.


Hi @dam1578926195,

Very sorry to hear your story :frowning:. Unfortunately, as far I know there is no way to get them back from your watch.

Let’s see if anyone has any alternative idea about it.

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No way to get it back, which is why “back up early and often” is always the first thing you do when you create content for anything, phones, watches, social media, everything. You’ve learned a hard lesson unfortunately :frowning:

Even if it was uploaded to the store, you can’t download it from there.