Personal use

Hi, so before diving in - is it possible to create watch faces for personal use as described in the intro? How can add built faces and select them on my watch?

Yes it is possible, but you will still need to first connect the watch to GWS, get an author certificate,distributor certificate(which is unique to a specific watch) and need to open a samsung account.
If you can do all the above mentioned things, then you can make your watch face and get it on your watch

Thanks, not as straight forward as I thought but good to know.

I managed it fairly easily. Been playing about with it. It’s a great tool, some amazing watchfaces people have created, that I would live to do, but suspect it would mean getting to understand design aspect really! Ideally could do with guides on this. Have had people provide useful tips, such as how to get scrolling minutes/seconds, which I have achieved, although not as neat as I would like!

All you can do is keep trying and improving both your designing and technical skills.
All of us have gone through that curve, so Chug on…
Good luck

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