Export APK error!

When will this problem be fixed?

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Server issues happen occasionally. All you can do is open a ticket through the seller portal. There will never be an estimated time given for these issues, you just have to be patient as it’s most likely an issue in Korea and will be fixed during Korean business hours.

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There is a lot of people on extended holidays over Korean New Years. So when a server goes down it takes a bit longer to get fixed.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you ron I thought the problem was the poor internet

Same here.
We need 24/24 support for themes. :grin:


I think the server used for themes is just an old Windows PC running Windows 95, in someone’s basement. And the basement owner has gone on vacation for a week. Not sure how else to explain that every theme seller loses the ability to create themes for one week and no one at Samsung cares… LOLOL


Hahahahaahahhahaahhaha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: exactly :100:

I am afraid of Themes future… I am working also as a UI/UX designer and product development, and I would do a lot for the future of Themes Studio and themes in general, but who needs my help or who cares? hehe.