Error"Package "netcoredbg" not found" on C# .Net Xamarin.Forms

I built the some tizen source with not “release” but “debug” option and then I met a error message as below.

“Error. Package “netcoredbg” not found both in “C:\TizenSDK\platforms\tizen-5.0\common\on-demand” and on the target system”

In addition, I met the same error when building the small some sources with “release” option, too.

please let us know how to fix it.

Hello @jae1604879583,

You can try reinstalling Tizen 5.0 Wearable from Tizen Package Manager using the following steps:

Visual Studio > Tools > Tizen > Tizen Package Manager > 5.0 Wearable > Install

As I posted the same above issue on the forums, Tizen.NET, I got the reply message from here (

The reply message is as followings:
“”"We will add it in new TizenStudio verson and VSIX.

Thanks for asking it here.

Once we update it on public, let me update it here again."""

As you see, It’ll be added on new TizenStudio.