Cannot build a project for the Tizen emulator or a watch

Hello. I can’t build a Tizen Wearable Xamarin app for the emulator or a physical watch.
It gives me this error:

VS Community 2019 version 16.3.6
Tools for Tizen
Windows 10 1909
Emulator for version 5.0

There might be version mismatches in your environment. As you are using VS version 16.3.6, update your Tizen.NET.Sdk to 1.0.5 if your version is lower than that. Follow the instruction from [here].(

Now update your Xamarin and Xamarin.Form if it is not latest version.

Didn’t fix anything.

It is currently sdk version 1.0.9 and it should work with this latest version.

And be sure, that your xamarin pages don’t miss any variables and all references are ok (e.g. xmlns or property bindings in the page itself)! As a workaround, you maybe able to test your shared-code in a xamarin-wpf window first. Since I do that, I’ve been faster at debugging.

We all like these very, very detailed debugging messages from the Tizens-Lldb implementation :wink:

Check the instruction if you have installed the ‘Visual Studio Tools for Tizen’ properly.

Also check if there any update available for visual studio.

What version of JDK are you using, make sure its 8 not 13 and also add it to JAVA_HOME in your Environment Variables. Can provide further assistance if you don’t know how. And finally make sure the Project is for Tizen 5.0 not 5.5 as that will stuff it up if your emulator is 5.0.
Good luck