Error when displaying the Day of week

I’m using the day of week ([DAY_WEEK_S]). I set the language to german/german.
I expect for example Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So
But I get Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
In watch face studio it will show the correct days without the point, but when running the watch face
on my watch 4, it will show the day AND the point.
All Days will be displayed with a point, why?
Pleas help. Thanx

The issue is occurring on my end also. I think you can create a support request.

[DAY_WEEK_S] is a three character abbreviation because 3 characters in German look wrong it is 2 characters and a period for the abbreviation
what is Fri in English is Fr. in German

See this note in GITHUB on the Unicode

Samsung Developer Relations

Is there a resolution to hide the Point?
For example left([DAY_WEEK_S],2))
Replace the Point with a SPACE?

HI Thomas,

If this is for your own use the easiest way is to just use the day number and a bitmap image that replaces that number.
The other way if it is for your own use then you can use a mask over the last character. If it is for others then be sure it is a monospaced font so everything is spaced the same