One letter day of the week

is it possible to show only the first letter of DayOfTheWeek (M for Monday) ?

Yes, it’s possible. Use Bitmapfonts for this.

Create Bitmap Font for every day. Monday = M etc. Then add Digital Clock - Date. Set this Tag [Day_Week] Go to font and set Bitmap Fonts. Add Bitmap Fonts and set under Digit 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, etc.


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The only problem with using a bitmap font is you are stuck with MTWTFSS and it is not localized but stylistically it is great and most mechanical watches will use those letters so it wouldn’t be unexpected.

You could use a monospace font so every letter is the same and then mask off the last two characters.

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Where to find out more regarding bitmap fonts? For me it sounds like a custom bitmap image used instead of a true type font (or what else). So why it’s not localizable? You mean not able to use other letters - perhaps for German?
Thanks for the hint with monospace font! I also masked off my text, but with a “normal” font where the width differs!

Hi SGWatchDesign,
I like your watch face!
What are the 5 columns on bottom for?
And how did you built the progress bar for battery? It’s not the default bar implemented in WFS, isn’t it?

The 5 bars below are the steps in percent. The battery display is a cut in the background. I inserted a white graphic area behind it with Tag expression [batt_per]*0.945. sorry for my bad English

Hello Ron. You can localize it. For example, I took English and German for the days of the week. I used a Tag expression to display the graphic.

For English as a default: 100 *! (([Lang_loc] == “En_GB”)+([Lang_loc] == “En_us”)+([Lang_loc] == “de_de”)+([Lang_loc] == “DE_AT”)+([Lang_loc] = = “de_ch”))

For German: 100 * (([long_loc] == “de_de”)+([Lang_loc] == “de_at”)+([Lang_loc] == “de_ch”))

You can also use this for other languages.

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thx for your answer! And no problem regarding the English. I’m from Germany. Where are you from?
I also tried to implement a battery progress bar - in a bow shape. In the background I have a white shape. And on top there should be the intelligent progress bar in red color.
But this bar simply doesn’t appear on the watch face.

Ich komme auch aus Deutschland :joy:

Wenn du mal Hilfe brauchst meld dich einfach unter

Das werde ich machen :grin:

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Big map substitutes only for an exact match and if it is not an exact match it is blank.
So Tuesday in English you could change to T but for German Dienstag it would be D and be blank.

So while you can localize for one or two languages it probably would only be useful for your own use and not for much of the world.


Hi Ron,
I understand the limitation to a specific language when using big map substitutes.

Imo the easiest way would be WFS provides the DayOfTheWeek also in “shortest” one letter format, not only 3 letters or full text. There are so many watch faces on the market with that typical MTWTFSS bar and the highlighted current day - so the demand for this 1-letter-format should be given.


Short story there is a request to add formats for text such as truncate, that would be the proper solution.

Long Story. WFS does not do the abbreviations that would make the app too huge to install on a watch and possible even on a mobile device. The apps gets the data from a library and that library has a standard ISO 8601 for time elements
If you look at Date Format by Country there is only a 3 letter short form there is no 1 letter or two letter form.

I hope that makes sense.

If it is for your own use then localize it and use bit map fonts. It will look much better. If you want to sell on Play Store and allow all languages to be used then use a monospaced font (change it in the Text Appearance) and mask it to one character.

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How did you add step counter trying to do something same,like a gshock new to this.
if you dont mind, can you share your watchface file so its easy to understand.

Hi akzzy,
there is a sample watch face coming with WFS - with more or less white background, a battery meter looking like the fuel display in a car and also a step counter on bottom of the watch face.
Important is to tell the progress bar, that the value is tagged with step count. This is very good described in the sample project, esp. point 8:

If in doubt ask for further details!
Regards Michael

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Michael Thanks for your reply.The step counter is working.but the problem is i have 7 step counter progress bar for each do i assign days for each progress they all showing same step there any tag for that.

Hm, I’m sorry but I can’t help you in that issue. Seems like you have to store todays value to keep it for the next days. But I don’t know if it’s possible in WFS.

Question to the gurus :wink: Ron - can you help?

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No problem, someone else might help.
this what im tryin to do.just started working with watchface studio.only the step counter left to do.


You can’t do that with WFS it only tracks the current day Midnight to Midnight. The issue is you need to “remember” the previous day and there is not API that does this.

It would need to be done by a 3rd party fitness tracker and as a complication written with Android Studio. If you know someone that can write Android code there is a blog and code lab that would help them get started.

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([DAY_WEEK]==1? “S”:[DAY_WEEK]==2? “M”:[DAY_WEEK]==3? “T”:[DAY_WEEK]==4? “W”:[DAY_WEEK]==5? “T”:[DAY_WEEK]==6? “F”:“S”)