"Event" complications, in WFS, not "Next events"

How can I make “Event” provider/complications?
The factory clock face: Digital dashboard, I can select this, but on other one I can’t, only “Next events”.
The Event provider/complications show me the namedays from my google calendar, the Next events, not.
How can I do this in WFS?
(I used google translate :blush: )

Is there screenshot about what u saying?

My digital dashboard only shows as above


I show my watchface in Hungarian.
Basic data - application - Event
Esemény= Event,

But no days? Just a icon? Any difference to the one designed by wfs? Maybe its layout choosen. Not sure just try with image/icon. If doesnt work. Wait for @Ron to reply

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For me need the nameday, what you see. (right now: Teréz)
This is what I want build in my custom face.

U mean like the red circle instead of the one circle in blue?


Yes, without time,
nameday all days event.
one picture from my google calendar, what the watch face is synchronizing.
I hope you understand me.

The “next event” should be set to a special occasion.
If I don’t set anything: “no upcoming event” displayed.
Of course, I can set an event for the whole day, but that’s not what’s important to me. Synchronizes the existing namedays and I can do it only with “event” provider.

What saying or understand is the factory clock is same
Its “next event”…when i tested

I understand, maybe the difference is in the translation. sorry for the misunderstanding. I tried to change the language to English, but my phone is Hungarian, so it didn’t work.

I tested when choosing complication the factory clock seem to say it events, but watch i designed show next event. Sorry didnt notice that earlier. But weird thing is the behaviour is same even though different complication name.

I have a different name and different behavior.
Maybe requires android studio or other programming experience.
Thanks for everything!

Maybe, but i compared both wfs watches and the watch u showed, i only get the event name when there is a upcomming event on that day…

As you see my first image is no upcoming event…

I dont see the in difference behaviour you talking about…

I tagged @r.liechty_SDR him maybe he understand u better and can explain to you.

But yeah note certain factory clock feature are done with factory programming insteaded of wfs

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@vargacsaba06 @Knightwing

My understanding is that the factory watch faces use Samsung Calendar for events and the complication makes me choose either Google Calendar or Samsung Calendar on your watch for the events so if you have a different calendar that should be an option on your mobile.

Also I think there are two event complications one is Large Box slot and one is the Line slot but I’d need to look at that.

Samsung Developer Relations


Hi but still doesnt answer the difference between event and next event. I am getting same behavior for both complications

Only difference i see is or not tested is the layout.
As in the appearance of time duration


Are you saying that the calendars sync with his next event and event complication are different that why his facing different behaviors?

If so why different complication names even if they are like the same thing?

Also i am unable to change the calenders even if i have both google and samsung. All the complication are tied to samsung

OK, I’ll show you the difference. The first factory watchface, I can only select the “event”, which really shows the calendar, after I set it, shows namedays.

On the second, own watchface, I can only select the “next event” and shows the project meeteings, (which is currently not set.)

little help: :grinning:
esemény = event
következő esemény = Next event
Nincs közelgő esemény = No upcoming event

I hope it’s help understanding my problems.


nothing set of course “no uncoming event”. When u say set, set where? For 2nd watch face?

Screentshot off setting for (next event)
On phone or on watch?

Could be like @r.liechty_SDR says its the calenders sync to are different

For me i managed to sync to one calender.
See images

My own watch (next event)


Here no time 11 to 12 because somehow wfs do match layout but otherwise shows the “hello kitty”

Factory watch (event)


I only add the event on my google calendar

So i guess is not the complication that different but the calendar that the face is sync to.

For some reason your watch is able to tied to two different calendars… my cannot replicated

Anyway check if u setting in Samsung calender , or google calender

P.s i think one solution is to sync samsung calender with google calender. That is if u set in your google calender any event it will appear in samsung calender.

If this is done u only need to edit google calender and then the even will appear in your custom watch face because they are sync.

Need help doing that let me know

My google calendar is synced with samsung calendar.
but, if I enter an event for example : 13:00-13:30, it appears.
And the name day disappears. (it’s not problem for me!)

If I enter all day event in the Google calendar, it does not appear on watchface, only the nameday.
(This is also not a problem for me!)


I dont know the imported nameday calendar what format, (but it doesnt matter for me), but I would like to see on my custom watchface the namedays.
I’m sorry, I can’t say it better. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think i understand the difference only happens when u set “all day” events.

The factory watch able to display “all day” events but not custom watch.

Meaning if i have “all day” event… you will see it only in factory.

So i guess “event” show everything including “all day”

But next event only show next event and ignore all day even though all day considering next event

Guess you need to post in request section:)

@r.liechty_SDR right?

I saw this seem similar to what @vargacsaba06 is saying.

A 2021 topic its now 2023 lol

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Yes, this is my exact problem!!! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
I understand everything. I see there is no solution in custom watchface.
Thank you for your patience!!! :+1:

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