Watch display (G5P) does not match WFS

Galaxy 5 Pro. 1st attempt at WFS. Using the drop-downs, etc. Nothing custom.

See attached pics

a) the battery area at the top

  • doesn’t show the color
  • the battery icon isn’t shown in WFS

b) the “Next Event” (Large Box complication) says “no upcoming events”… and yet when I click it, it goes to my calendar showing events (so there is a next event)

c) the Small Box complication set for Day/Date preview shows Day-of-week, Month/Date… the watch shows a calendar icon and Month is not shown.



EDIT: I would argue this is a UI inconsistency… but documenting to help others. Out of the box, the “Default Provider” → Next Event appears to reference a Samsung calendar database… which claims “No upcoming event”… and yet tapping that will bring up a calendar full of event. I had to install the Google Calendar app (App store) and then a 2nd calendar item is listed as a selectable complication. I still can’t explain the color/formatting mismatches in the “Preview” vs. actual “Run on device” results.

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Let me try to state your problems one by one (it’s better to discuss a single issue in a single thread, this will help others to track the issue).

Regarding the first problem:

  1. The complication has some properties. If you choose a complication and deploy it in your watch, the watch automatically selects the appropriate layout based on the complication provider.
  2. To implement one specific layout only, you must remove the unwanted layouts from the layout list. Or you need to change the color or other properties for all layouts.
    This is some sort of complex, in this concern, here is a blog to manage this. Please check out this blog: Things to Consider when Designing Complication Layouts

Or you can check this forum thread: Complications have no colours
Please share if it resolves the first problem.