Long Text Complication Bug (or user error!)

Am mostly enjoying WFS – but am frustrated by several small but important bugs – or possibly my own misunderstanding oh how stuff is supposed to work.

This is the first of a few posts on specific issues:
Long Text Complication

  • Take a blank project, drop any old index as background.
  • Drop a Long Text Complication on it.
  • Set Default Provider to Next Event (note, there are only 4 choices: Empty, Battery, App Shortcut, Next Event).
  • Choose a new Layout: Long Text (only, i.e. no icon, no title, no image)
  • Check the Text Appearance is TrueType and centered.

Expected behaviour is correctly shown in Preview Window.
But - run on Device (Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm) reveals two issues:

  1. The screen will be blank. GW4 doesn’t recognize the aforementioned Event Provider. If you customize the Complication, there are huge number of available choices — but Next Event isn’t one of them. While some of those choices may be specific to GW4 and excluded from WFS, many are not. So - both WFS and GW4 show incomplete providers.

  2. Choose any old provider. It doesn’t matter. Example: Call History. As the watch is committing the choice, the Call History data flashes up exactly as it should (without icon etc…and centered). But once actually committed, I get an icon and text (not centered) as opposed to the Layout I selected in WFS. It’s like the Layout is overwritten/ignored.

Is it me? Maybe.
Is it WFS? Don’t think so…
Is it GW4 – spidey sense says yes.

See below for a screenshot of WFS and one from the Watch:


For general information see this page on complications

This is not a safe provider, so if a watch face uses this as a default it will receive data of TYPE_NO_PERMISSION until the user has granted the RECEIVE_COMPLICATION_DATA.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron.

That makes sense – I did click the allow button after the Watch received the face…but still no joy. Is there somewhere else I need to set permissions?

On the second issue I have a bit more detective work:

If I customize the complication on the watch, the layout “breaking” issue seems dependent on the complication. For example, selecting Barometer converts a Text only Layout to an Icon+Text+Title layout (Short Text and Long Text)…but strangely, shows nothing at all with a Short Text default Layout (Icon+Text+Title).

If I select Call History instead - A Short Text → Text Only Layout works correctly. A Long Text → Text Only Layout incorrectly shows Icon + Text…and this time a Short Text → Icon + Text + Title, only shows the text.

I’m stumped.


I believe there is a known issue with Barometer and Calculator as app shortcuts. I can’t find the exact thread but that is what you are seeing.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thx again.
I think its many many more than Barometer and Calculator. In general, the complications are a buggy area. Using tags works very well though.
Any idea on next rev of WFS? The version in the video seems a generation ahead of the 1.0.0 that I downloaded.

Hi Skavan,

There is a autumn update planned but I can’t give you any date. I’m optimistic.

Samsung Developer Relations