Cannot sign in to Theme Studio

Hello guys,

I cannot sign in to Galaxy Themes Studio now. Does anyone have the same issues with me?


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Four hours aftger your post and I cannot get in either, just clocks. You could open a question in the portal, but by the time you get a response it will be working. :slight_smile: They are probably updating to the promised September version of the tool.

I hope so, still cannot sign in.


I facing the same problem. I not able to sign in to Galaxy Themes Studio since yesterday.

I can’t log in either.

Crazy, been down for days now; no one is home to fix this!!

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Same here. Can’t login

Same here!! It’s been 3 DAYS and no one fixed it!!!

Someone’s head should roll… how can an online system used by hundreds of designers be down for 4 days with no action taken, no escalation procedures and obviously no on-call support?! I pay Samsung 30% of my revenue for this?


This problem is also occurring with me.

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Same here, can’t log in :confused:


Some designers sent them an email/support ticket but no response. Frustrated!

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A lot of us opened tickets, but since it’s a holiday in Korea from 2021. 9. 20 (Mon) - 2021. 9. 22 (Wed), looks like it may be down until Thursday US time.


Still not working. Day 5 and no answer from support. Thats really shit


They used to post heads-up messages weeks before their national holidays. Much silence now


Exactly!! They always told us about delay or something related to holidays. That silence is weird!!!


I’m so glad I came across this post; I thought it was just me! (I was getting worried lol)


Just here to say that I also cannot sign in lol

It’s back!!! Theme Studio is online!!! AFTER ALMOST ONE WEEK OFF