Themes Studio is a platform full of bugs

I guess I will not update my themes till next year. Really frustrating to get so much rejections because of the Themes Studio bugs. How hard is to create a good software???
We face the same issues every year.
Please do something.

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Had you reported them via premium support?

About your question how difficult is to, really difficult :rofl: different department and seem not working together

It is frustrating that they have had so many versions of the A12 tool with so many bugs in each version, and yet we cannot create A10 themes which still sell well. And now so many people are on A12 but we cannot update our themes so we are stuck with annoyed customers. The Samsung theme team has let us down again :frowning:

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I think will not answer at premium support and I know what the solution will be. , A new release - Update"
I tried to come with ideeas how to improve the themes software, I want to help but it looks like they don’t need help.
And yes, they should be in the same building… maybe a themes building. :sweat_smile:
Is hard for us because our customers are asking about updates, tell us that they paid for something… etc.

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if you haven’t sent it to “Premium Support”, they’ll only change it slowly, that’s that problem. The Samsung developers are very peculiar to this, Koreans;)

The issues can usually be eliminated within a few minutes, either by adding the correct string in the MetaData in the GTS or simply adding the link to the string in the app. Everything a matter of a few minutes and yes the editor can do a lot more, but it is not released, unfortunately. Themes could be much more individual and much bigger. eMail, themes, WhatsApp, more icons, customized quick panel, etc

Those issues have already been reported (at least be me), and they only happen on Android 12, Android 11 is working fine with 12.0.15w6 (if you figured out all the connections and issues, of course). Have you, guys, tried the new 12.0.22w1? I’ve already uploaded a few themes with 12.0.22w1 on A12, but no pass/rejection yet.

The most Issuses steht present with 12.0.22w1 too