Expression results correct in editor not on face

Sorry if this is out there some where. I tried to search

This is the expression I am using:
((round(([SC]*2.41)/52.8))/100) Miles

it displays perfectly on editor. example steps at 145 displays .07 . The problem is it displays 0 on watch face? if I take round out it displays all the positions after the decimal in both places. I dont understand why round is affecting number outside of parenthesis. Any help appreciated.

As a follow up, not sure why, but if I change to this it works:

((round(([SC]2.41)/52.8)).01) Miles

*ps Also dont know why the * wont show in expression above :thinking:

Sorry I dont know why is the formula working on the WFS preview, but not on watch. Maybe different interpretation on wearOS than on PC.
still, I would rather use the floor function than round. it wont show 0.01mile at 11 steps. such steps would be like 5ft long.

that is because this forum code understands the * as a marker for text formatting.
If you want to insert a formula with multiple *, paste it, select it and mark it as “preformatted” text.

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Thanks. Not sure where I got that formula from, been using it a long time on my other face stuff. Never really thought about checking its accuracy much LOL. Ill look around here and see, I already using your blink for colon I found earlier. Just learning my way around some. Anywhere to share faces and/ or WFS files?

Sorry I didn’t even think about formatted text tab :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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No problem, back then, when the site changed, I was fighting the formatting too.
You can share the faces even here, they just wont have live preview as you are familiar with on the other platform. Files with .zip extension can be attached to post here on forum. So you can zip them or just rename them, just note which way you put them, if you do.

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I could duplicate this. I don’t know why it is parsing differently on the watch than it should.


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Found it very odd. Thanks for looking at :sunglasses: