Extraction of heart rate data

I’m collecting heart rate data using the Galaxy Watch 6 and have set the heart rate measurement period to “Measure continuously” to collect the data.
To check the heart rate data, I extracted it through “Settings > Download Personal Data” in the Samsung Health app and checked it through the downloaded file named com.samsung.shealth.tracker.heart_rate..csv*.

I have focused on the min, max, and binning_data of heart rate (column names: “com.samsung.health.heart_rate.min”, “com.samsung.health.heart_rate.max”, and “com.samsung.health.heart_rate.binning_data”).
However, when I have tried collecting heart rate data with the same setting (heart rate “Measure continuously”) on other smartphones and watches, the values (min, max, and binning_data) are sometimes included, but sometimes not included, just blank cells.

To summarize my question, I would like to know under what conditions the following data is generated: com.samsung.health.heart_rate.min, com.samsung.health.heart_rate.max, com.samsung.health.heart_rate.binning_data

Are you using Samusng Privileged Health SDK?
You can chekc with the related team directly via developer support.
Please add the dumpate log with the details while reporting so that they can analyze.