I need to get data from Samsung Health

We need to get the heart rate data of the Galaxy Watch from the app we are making.
Having any version of the Galaxy Watch is a constraint. It has been confirmed that the heart rate data can be obtained from Samsung Health’s health data store. We would like to request a ‘Samsung Health Partnership’. If not, is there any other way?

The current Samsung Health partnership seems to have been impossible for nearly two years.

If there is no other method or method, please let me know what documentation or guide you need.

Or introduce a line where you can talk to the department in charge.
thank you

You can get the heart rate data from Galaxy Watch3 and older using Tizen Studio or Wear OS Health Services for Sensor data. GDPR rules that went into effect in 2019 limit the way health data is collected, stored, used and distributed; so the Developer Partnership is not currently available and I doubt it will be. The Tizen SDK and Wear OS Health Services are available.

Samsung Health is a proprietary algorithm for Health and Fitness and is limited to Samsung Privileged Health partners. If you company wished to access Samsung Health you should apply for the Samsung Privileged Health SDK

If you can tell me which watch Galaxy Watch3 and older or Galaxy Watch 4 I can direct you to some documentation.

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Samsung Developer Relations

If so, do I need to become a Samsung privileged Health partner to use the samsung privileged health SDK?

If I become a Samsung privileged Health partner, can I understand it as saying that I can import heart rate data from Samsung Health?

Yes, while it isn’t limited to established companies you need a darn good reason to be a partner if you aren’t.

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