F-Droid apps cannot be updated in galaxy store

Apps that were downloaded from F-Droid show available update in galaxy store but it is the same version!

Correct updates have to be a newer version. Contact the seller.

Samsung Developer Relations

They are the same version! Why would the galaxy store recognize these apps that they need update?

Maybe I am confused with what you are saying.
There are three things
File Name
Package ID
Version Number

  • File name Stays the same
  • package ID is not same thing as file name. Package ID must remain same across all updates.
  • version number must change for each new version, and updates will be applied only if the newer one has a higher number.
    So If the seller has 4 versions out for 4 different mobiles

It may “Shouldn’t” show up as an update for V2.1.5 version but if it did it won’t be applied to the V2.1.5 version

Is this software you are uploading or something you are downloading as a user? If it is DeX there are a lot of versions of that.


Thanks for your clarification. I have downloaded the Proton VPN app from F-droid. Now the galaxy store shows that it needs update while both F-droid and galaxy store show that they are the and version.

If this was a subscription App there are changes in Subscriptions (new laws) so it may be they want you to remove the older one and add the newer one. In any case this isn’t the right forum for it.

I’ll let this thread stand as a developer may gain some information from it.

Samsung Developer Relations