Faces not showing in galaxy wear!


I’ve created two (initially) identical watchfaces, one in yellow font, the other blue. Saved the 2nd one with a different name, however, only one of them shows up in Wear watchfaces screen.

No idea why! Have changed file name even further and also altered one of the watchfaces adding extra features, yet still the same result!

More than likely they have the same package name ie the .tpk file when building the tpk
So save , and build with the same name
Second time save and build with the second saved name in the build
Hope this helps

Thanks Malcolm

How do you mean build and save with a different name, surely I don’t have to redo the work again from scratch?

The package name and the “Save as” name should be the same, somehow I think you have the same package name for both the faces, you will have to change when you “Build” on Package Id in the first line