Inconsistent AOD Analysis

I wonder if anyone else has come across with with WFS 1.4.19…

I have a watch face which built successfully under 1.3.13, but with 1.4.19, the AOD analyser fails because the On Pixel Ratio is too high. Except that it isn’t.

I’ve created a very simplified version of the face with only 5 elements, so it’s probably a good test case.

If I open the preview window and click ‘Analyze’ in the preview widow, the AOD analysis tells me the pixel count is too high (AOD Analyzer - fail.png)

If the Preview window is closed and I just click on ‘Analyze’ in the Run section of the main WFS window, the Analysis passes (AOD Analyzer - pass.png)

If the preview window is closed and I build the watchface, the AOD analysis run during the build process works and the build is successful, but when I choose ‘Run on Device’ the AOD Analysis run at that point fails (Run on device message.png).

The actual image used for the analysis is also shown below.

Sound like a bug?




Can you submit something to Developer Support. I can’t duplicate this.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron.

No worries, will do. I’ll provide them with a test case.


Hi Ron,

FYI, case #46565 raised.