Failed to find a Main Class in "/Applications/"

I’m trying to run the Galaxy Watch Studio on macOS Catalina and when I run the app, I get the error Failed to find a Main Class in "/Applications/". The only option that appears is “Ok”.

Hi @GiraffeMan,

The problem arises due to Java incompatibility. The Mac user needs to install JDK 8/14 (not JRE). See the Required Java version and may have a look at FAQ#05 in FAQs.

Therefore, I hope installing the required JDK will remedy your problem eventually.


I’m further than I was before, so I’m guessing it worked! Is there a solution option on this forum?

I don’t think we have it enabled. I’ll talk to the systems engineer when he gets back from vacation and see if we can add it. You are not the first to ask for it.

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