Falling numbers clock

Hi everybody,
what kind of tag expression or formula is necesary to create this kind of clock?


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Hey . @ferminmartinezdiaz . Welcome . Have you made any Watch Faces before ? Sadly on WFS we do not have a Wake Timer . You could use the Gyro to get some effect like that going . How far have you got with your Making . If you are just starting out this is the Difficult end to start .

Hi Russell, thank you very much for your answer. I’ve been making watch faces for 3 years, before using GWD and now WFS but i have not idea of html, CSS and javascript. I thought that this kind of clock could be made using tag expression or formulas. Thanks again!!

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Yeah . As I said I think the only Tag that will be any use to you is the Gyro Ones . The is a nice little Joystick with the sliders so you can test your Ideas .


In the Angel Field of a Text Element with a number in . The next step it to add it X an Y .Position Field and Multiply it a bit . After that you might have to look at Clamping you numbers .
Make a start and let us see where you get to .
Sadly we do not have random . Or as I said a Wake timer .
The only other thing you can do is have them moving about and rotating on a Timed Cycle . A combination of the two could be very Interesting .

Thing u need time tags…and trigonometry knowledge to do this…

Every seconds drop the numbers… but wont be smooth due to only 10hz

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As guys already mentioned in WFS is such formula not possible, since it does not provide elapsed time since wake up (the elements would be static most of the time, unless you wake up sometime close to minute switch, or make it bounce more often periodically), nor does it provide fast enough milliseconds refresh for smooth animation. Also there would be needed some other calculations for the sideways movements, elements interactions and such (better done in real programming tool).
But still you can try experimenting on Facer with simplified movements:

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