FED UP with Google Play!

FED UP with Google Play!!!

I’ve been dealing with google play nightmare for 2 weeks.
I designed a watch face for 1 month and I can not submit it at the moment.

I reregistered for 4 different new app. All of them were rejected 5-6 times.

Here is my store list:
Unread notification
Step Count
Percentage of steps goal

I wrote just simple things.

Here is their last reason:
your application does not provide Asset wfs_wfs_opti7_8bd118ae_b81d_450e_af18_5d084844bb04_d4ccd228_ba14_4709_b29f_306154445668 as shown/described on the store listing.

What is this wfs_wfs_opti7_8bd118ae_b81d_450e_af18_5d084844bb04_d4ccd228_ba14_4709_b29f_306154445668
How can I UNDERSTANT this, what are you stuck on?
Give me a CLEAR explanation. You have to. If you want to fix something, you have to tell me what the problem is.

They are undermining my business.
They made me hate my job and google. ENOUGH!

I checked .ABB file to find a file named wfs_wfs_opti7_8bd118ae_b81… but nothing. Read their guidelines but could not find anything.
I clicked on the “objection” button to require retesting but nothing.

Please help me. What are you doing against google play shit? How can I solve this problem?

Hi. I recommend creating completely new WFS project for this watch face. Most probably some file is corrupted in the current watch face project. Unfortunately, there is no way of editing watch face source code without damaging project signature.

I’m receiving similar rejections too, most of the times something regarding ‘does not provide syntactic value’. Only way to fix is to create new WFS project from scratch.


I created 4 different new watch face projects. I could not solve.

This asset wfs_wfs_opti7_8bd118ae_b81d_450e_af18_5d084844bb04_d4ccd228_ba14_4709_b29f_306154445668

May be some image file with corrupted meta data or so, resulting in WFS not being able to bundle it properly. Your watch face is working fine when testing on real device?

If you still have the project. Please build the aab, then open it with winrar or any other archiver, export base/res folder on desktop, create zip file of it and send it here. Corrupted source file should be included in the base/res/raw/watchface.xml, from there, you should be able to see where the asset is applied and actually missing.

Yes. I’m testing on my watch for 2 weeks. It’s working perfect.

here is last rejection

For example:

  • your application does not provide all assets valid in APK package as shown/described on the store listing.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • SPLIT_BUNDLE 10000002

About the Wear App Quality Guidelines

you posted this under the Watch Face Converter topic. Are you trying to use that I don’t think it will work for Wear 4.

Does not provide Asset usually is you have a logo or icon in your thumbnail image or a complication that isn’t preset

I think a lot of people got something like that because of the Thumbnail image was different a few months ago.

Samsung Developer Relations

Sorry for my mistake. I changed the category. I redesigned the watch face and here is their reason: “Your play listing description doesn’t mention Wear OS.” They are really unbelievable. I think they have a problem with the Samsung designer. This process is not normal.

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“Your play listing description doesn’t mention Wear OS.”
I also received the same message today. What does it mean?

It means you have to put “Wear OS” on your app description, for example: Simple and minimalist watch face for Wear OS.

See the Play Store Wear Quality Guidelines The first 4 changed this past year or they started cracking down on it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Add something like “This watch face is for Wear OS” in the description…

Google is starting to be a xxxxxx about those kinds of things, today i got reject because my app doesn’t have a splash screen hahahahaha it never had, nor the others apps of mine hahaha

Only for Wear OS 3+ (API 30+) devices

I always add this phrase to the description. The inspector probably didn’t notice. I sent the watchface back for review and now it has been approved.

I also got the same. I have sent a support ticket and got this as response.

Your play listing description does not meet requirements.

  • Your play listing description doesn’t mention Wear OS.
  • For example your play listing contains the words WearOS as one word. They must be separated by a space. Additionally, please make sure to mention Wear OS in all locales of your app’s description.

I could not find this anywhere on the guidelines site, Wear OS uygulama kalitesi  |  App quality  |  Android Developers

So I guess this is a new rule?

This is probably an innovation. I think their script automatically scans your description and if it finds WearOS written together, it does not take it into account as the name of the system. When I put a space, I no longer received such messages.

Yes 04 Aug 2023


Your app listing on Google Play Store must adhere to the following:

  • List main features of the app.
  • Mention Wear OS.
  • Do not mention Android Wear.
  • Mention tile or complication if the respective surface is included in your app.
  • Be localized in languages offered by the app.

Samsung Developer Relations

Looks like I’ll check Google on the new “Good Worker” in the team. Just yesterday I updated the watchface without any problems, and today I added a new color at the request of the user and received a rejection!

Here is its content, if anyone has encountered this, tell me what to do about it?! Thank you

I quote “Your app does not provide the option to edit the complications because the “OK” button in Rohan as shown/described on the store listing.”

It’s look like that your complications at the bottom side need to move up a bit because it covered by the OK button.

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