Need help with watch face rejection from Google play

Hello, I recently tried to upload my first watch face to Google Play console (I already have 84 watch faces on Samsung site that I previously released). When I uploaded my watch on the play console, I got the following error:

I’m not sure what I did wrong or how to fix it. I don’t fully understand the error (Your app does not provide ability to be parsed as shown/described on the store listing). Does that mean that I incorrectly uploaded the file, and they aren’t able to test it, or do I need to change something in the store listing?.. The watch face works perfectly when I put it on my watch through Watch Face Studio through Wi-Fi… Do I need to create a companion app? How can I fix this error?
The interesting thing is it was approved until I realized I didn’t have the wear OS form factor set. Once I changed it, I got the rejection error… but here is the listing JH1 Digital Watch Face - Apps on Google Play for the app that it had before (notice it doesn’t show any of the Wear OS watches for devices because it was approved before I changed to add Wear OS form factor. Not sure if there is anything I have wrong in the listing or something else.


There is probably something in your “description” or “screenshots” that they dont quite agree…

@John_Harris ,It may be due to testing issues …As per google playstore policies we have to test watch faces as least some no of divises …may be it was a one of the reason …
may be this link help you

When I checked your listing it says is not compatible with any of your devices. So you missed selecting Wear as an option at some point.

see this thread on a step by step process it is a bit old and Play Store may have other qualifications but it is a good start.

Samsung Developer Relations

@r.liechty_SDR Yes, the listing was made and approved before I added the Wear OS to the Form Factor setting (in advanced settings). Once I added the Wear OS to Form Factor they sent me the App rejection.
I know that it doesn’t show that it is compatible with any of the devices but does it look like anything is off with any of my screenshots or store listing?

Also, another thought that I had is it might have something to do with App Signing. I have it set so that Google generates the key… but do I need to have that same key when I build the watch face with WFS? or should I upload the key I used when I built the watch face in WFS?

Also do you think I need to Unpublish it then Publish it again (if possible) since it was originally published without the Wear OS Form Factor setting?

Thanks for the suggestions and I’m still trying to figure this out. It is not as easy as it was to publish a watch face to the Samsung store in the past.

Thanks for the link. I have tested it on my own watch by uploading it through WFS to my watch through WI-FI… But perhaps I need to create a test track to test what is actually uploaded myself in the google play console.