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Hi Everyone, I have been trying to create a shortcut button for Flashlight on my watch face, and has used com.samsung.android.watch.flashlight as app id. But for some reason is it not working. can someone please help or guide me.
Thank you

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I don’t think there is any such thing as Samsung Flashlight App and it wouldn’t be portable if it was.

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Hi Ron,
I downloaded another watchface and this has an area to press and it opens flashlight on watch. That’s what i wanted to replicate in mine.

Screenshot_20211009-054730_Galaxy Watch4 Plugin

This was made with Android Studio and I assume has a custom controller like the Tizen watch faces that interacted with the mobile device.

The developer gave his contact information. Contact him, he may share the App ID that he uses.

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Hello, I dont know that app, nor why its shortcut is not working.
If you want your watch to light its display like a “torch” there could be a workaround, if you do not mind it being integral part of the watch face.
0.Put in transparent image, make it 450x450
1.turn on action on it, set it to tap and image change
2.add image of your torch design (can be white or any color or you can add multiple)
3. tap the face - the transparent image changes to the torch image. tap to cycle.
If you want to add some other touch actions to the face, place the action elements above this torch layer and aside of the torch text for it to remain the only spot to trigger the torch.

That might actually work, genius. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

You just forgot that a standard flashlight increases brightness to the MAXIMUM.
And in your solution, it’s just white at standard brightness.

I’m also interested in how to start the flashlight (built into the clock)

yes, I also forgot that flashlight shines until you turn it of, watchface goes dim after few seconds.

Yes you are right.
So, we are waiting for a decision from the developers WFS

WFS is not an App development tool. For a flashlight you will need to Android Studio. Just as Tizen App developers needed to use Tizen Studio to develop their watch flashlight.

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No. On Galaxy Watch Studio works with a flashlight ID: “com.samsung.flash-light”

This would have to be an Wear OS issue not a WFS issue.

Sorry, I can’t help on that.

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