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After meeting @Peter on another Watch Designing Platform he guided me to make a button interactive Torch on my watch. This is the kind of face I use on my watch at night to help me get to the Bathroom several times . Before I got my smart watch I used the TIMEX INDIGLO.
Thank you so very much @Peter On the Other Platform we have to pay to get any sort of Tap Interactive on the Watch.
I am not sure if it is possible to post an Inspectable Draft on this platform. Here are two screenshot form the watch. Galaxy Active.
If any one is starting out like me and needs a more detailed explenatinon please join in and I can post some stuff from my Laptop. This time of night I am on my Tablet. What Fun.



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You can upload .zip files it you wish to share your Watch Face Studio Project. But let us know if you just renamed the .wfs file as .zip or if you compressed it as a .zip file.

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@r.liechty_SDP Thanks so much for your reply. I am not even sure where the . wfs file is to be found. It is not in the GWD folder that was made Automicicaly in my Personal Folder.

I moved this topic to Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen forum. Watch Face Studio of for Galaxy Watch4 designers. That is what you want for Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active2 smart watches.

the project file name has a .gwd extension.

With Galaxy Watch Designer or Galaxy Watch Studio the default workspace is either
C:\Users\USERNAME\Galaxy Watch Studio\workspace
Unless you specify it somewhere else.

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Hey. Listen. Thank you very much Indeed. Lots to learn. I am so glad to be pointed in the right direction. Got that about .gwd and the Workspace Folder . I have a design I would like to share as for me the Battery Power Indicator is Important on my little Galaxy Active. Thanks Again.