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We going off topic from orignal topic, but i still want to understand more from u about localization.

Hi, i read the documentation but, for me i see that my text box and complication, changed languages when i changed languages on my phone.

The date too. Without the need to use languages settings.

Thats is my whole watch face changed to malay when my phone was in malay

Now is it good or bad? I thought this was always automatic.

Some background. Gear Watch Designer did not sync with phone unless you included the language in the setting. I’m not sure when Galaxy Watch Designer would sync with device even if the designer didn’t include the language as a supported language

If you have the UK English as Default language for the digital clock and you changed your phone to Malay the Digital clock component should remain in UK English. But the Tag in a text box would sync with device and be in Malay.

For example Airplane pilots and traffic towers the language spoken is US English. So they might want a watch in US English and not their home country

There are some languages where the full month is too long and gets truncated. So you have a constant style you might use English for your watches months or days. Most people are used to Watches only having English or French for Days/Months

The reason there is no language setting for text boxes is designers used to think it was a translator and got upset when GWD had the words in English. Some still do for the component. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks, i played around. But when i set the language setting to three languages. Only default was use. I find no where in my watch to select the other 2

Sync to device is default unless the developer sets a default language for watch face
If the developer sets a default language the only time the other selected languages will be used is if they match the paired mobile device.

Is that the behavior you are seeing?

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@r.liechty_SDR Not really…let say i set date to three languages
Japan, Malaysia, chinese.

Japan = default

But e.g complication
I set in my phone is japan , chinese, english
Default = english

The date is fixed to japan (cannot do anything)

Complications = english (but can change to japan on the phone)

I realised sync to device has nothing to do with languages but font for others elements


Clarification I am only talking about the setting for Time component. I expected that the complications are set to sync with the watch language setting.

So I think we are saying the same thing.

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Hi, time component does not have sync to device for language only time zone if i not wrong

the documentation said if none are selected it syncs the language to your paired mobile.


Hi, noted. But still dont understand why selecting 3 countries i only see the default one

Anyway i unable to access my wfs as i am on holiday

i set date to three languages
Japan, Malaysia, chinese.

Japan = default

Your phone is probably set to English. If none are selected you clock is set to the phones language.
If you set a default language that is used unless you select other languages that are the same as your phone

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@r.liechty_SDR I will try next week and get back to u.

@r.liechty_SDR understand

The time component will select default if the language set on the phone is not in the list.

E.g time component = japan (default), malay

Time component will be in japan

If my phone is set to english (as the time component doesnt support english)

If i want time component to be malay
I got to set my phone launage to malay. And also have that language as one if the supported language…

But if i dont set anything…time component follows language on phon3


Yes that seems to be how it works with Wear OS and WFS

It was different with GWS and it is hard to break habits.

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