Adding support for multiple languages

Hi everyone. I need help making my watchface support different languages. On my most recent watchface, I got a lot of reviews requesting support for German. From what I understand, I just enable the German language in a component’s language settings, right? So for example, if I want to make the date work in German, I just go to language settings and check German, right?. I don’t need to manually add the translations?

Please tell me if I’m misunderstanding.


Hello. Yes, it will work. If on connected phone will be selected one of languages checked as supported in the date field settings, then the day and month name will be displayed in localized versions. If a not supported language will be selected, then the date will be displayed in default language.

Note that the length of abbreviations of day or month names is not consistent. In some languages they are 2 in other 3 or 4 letters sometimes with dot. In some cases it may cause the text overlap with given field on background or with other texts.

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This is for clock settings only, if you are looking for things like “steps” or your own text words they are not translated.

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Thanks for the answers @Peter and @r.liechty_SDP!