Forbidden Assembly


This is my first Tizen.NET application with Visual Studio .NET 2019. It works great on the emulator.

I am now trying to run it on my TV. I set up everything: the TV is connected, the certificate is installed on the TV, etc.

However, when I launch the application from Visual Studio I get the following message on my TV :

“System.ServiceModel.dll refers to a forbidden assembly directly: System.Private.ServiceModel”

Then I tried with a “Hello World” application. It works great on TV.

But as soon as I add a reference to Tizen.TV.UIControls, I get the following error :

“Tizen.TV.UIControls.Forms.dll refers a forbidden assembly directly :”

Any idea please ?

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I have the same problem,
Cerficiate is OK (DUID included).
When I debug on emulator 5.5 and all work fine,
but when I try to launch on my Smart TV (5.0), I have always the same problem, every dll added from Nuget cause this message ( FFImageLoading ( or Sqlite3,etc… )

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue with Samsung sample application SystemInfo from