Sales are very low

Hello to everyone. friends, I’ve been designing watches for a year, but the sales are not what I expected. Is this a general problem or am I doing some things wrong.

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Unless you are self marketing with social media and such you can’t expect to compete with 80 thousand other watch faces in the store. The difference between the top sellers and bottom sellers is quality and marketing.

Go to the Distribute Menu, Galaxy Store option and then select Marketing Resources

You will find a lot of useful information there.

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Yes, I agree. It’s going down. I think apart from marketing a few reasons affect sales.

  1. Most of the paid customers now converted into FREE COUPON user.
  2. Massive availability of free coupons.
  3. More number of the seller. etc,.
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Hi Shya,

Samsung watch seller policy has limited the number of Free coupons per month and this has pretty much eliminated the excessive free coupons. Also the number of Sellers has been greatly reduced as inactive sellers have been removed from the store.

Overall the Watch content sales is back up year over year but watch face sellers are much more competitive.

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I would eliminate the free coupons.
Consumers of watch faces have become used to asking for free coupons.

If a developer or designer wants to make himself known, he has the Free section to upload the spheres.

Also the watch faces created with GWS do not have the same functions as those of Tizen Studio.

For those of us who develop watch faces with tizen Studio this is a serious problem.

I have watch faces that keep the settings even if you turn off the watch, and the AOD mode changes color among other functions and this takes a lot of work.
For what?
Tizen Studio is not worth sticking with.

A lot of work and then the watch faces are not seen because the store is saturated with faces that most have the same functions.


Unfortunately, I see many developers giving out coupons for free! Users of Facebook groups and other social networks are always asking for coupons! They know that the same developers keep distributing coupons. Some even have specific links (websites) that just select the country and the coupon is displayed.
50 coupons per month I still think a lot !!


Agree. Current limit - 50 codes / country is enough for big markets like US. In other regions (not only smaller ones), 50 redeemed codes will push your app higher certainly. There was a paid list algorithm fix planned for december but till now theres nothing new about it.

Hopefully this situation will change in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a weekly email I get from one of the largest coupon hosting sites. Not criticizing the site, they are providing a valuable service, but it shows how many coupons are being issued, even with the limit. 40,000+ coupons REDEEMED in one week just from this site alone, does not count all the large sellers that have their own sites. Free coupons still not a problem? :slight_smile:

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This only confirms my words about regions other than the United States.
It’s still profitable

Even though they have excuses to release coupons at will, even with a limit of 50 (I think a lot). Developes that advertise their coupons, stop making money, especially Samsung. I wonder, how much is Samsung failing to make money from this?
Because I can see users asking for coupons on social media! These users STOP buying watch faces because they know that developers send coupons at will! It’s full of forums and communities on facebook with that.

I hope these free watch face downloads and stars (comments) are invalid to promote themselves on the Galaxy Store.

Get rid of the free coupons option and problem solved.
A customer says, why am I going to buy if there are free coupons?
It is also necessary to limit the watch faces per week.
This is a total failure, for Samsung and those of us who work hard on our projects.
I have nothing more to say.

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There is absolutely no way that company can know how many coupons were redeemed only how many were dispensed and you are taking them at their word.

Using coupons to get marketing information on a potential buyer is good business, helps you create newsletters send direct marketing information. Anyone that is foolish enough to allow a company to use their product to gather valuable marketing information has no business sense. Who knows what that information is used for?

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OK true, just because someone gets a coupon on the site doesn’t mean they actually went and used the coupon, however this is a good indicator of the number of people that are wanting to use coupons. I’m not skeptical enough to think they have a reason to fudge their numbers, I see no point.

Also, this site collects NO information from the person who downloads a coupon, anyone can go and get a coupon code without entering their email address. They only collect email addresses if you want to subscribe.

I see the number of sellers and posts they make in the many Facebook groups advertising their coupons, it isn’t hard to believe the 40K number at all.

Samsung Developer Program is a developer success program and the abuse of coupons is a concern to us. So we are looking for every way possible to optimize seller revenue.

I did look more into and they seem to be following Store Guidelines regarding issuing coupons.

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I had forgotten because this was a coupon topic. When the US Store went to the new layout the watch tab was hidden on many mobile devices. This caused a drop in the US Sales. This has been resolved recently and The global stores should not see this issue either. The issue was Personalization was too many characters.

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If the coupon users won’t be able to leave a review and the download of a watchface using a coupon will NOT affect the stats (top paid, top watchfaces position), then devs will stop using coupons to boost their position. Many use facebook groups, reddit or have telegram groups that share codes just to boost rank in top paid. Once the user gets used to get it for free, you’re not gonna convert it back :slight_smile: I think most of you got many emails asking for coupons in exchange for a review.

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Some online stores have a program where you can download content free if you provide a review. That is why people are asking for coupons in exchange for reviews. Samsung is checking for compliance and with very few exceptions the limited couponing is being complied with.

There was a drop due to the US store “hiding” the watch tab that has been fixed and was not in the global update.

Overall the sales globally and the US was down over 2019 in the spring but except for that sales has been larger than 2019 so lower sales is probably due to competition.

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